Naval Powers: Texas v. ZU

FEB 25, 2012, ZU Time:

Texas launching navy, strengthening border forces 

Source: WFAA (Dallas, TX, Feb. 20, 2012)

A recent announcement that Texas is about to launch a navy has sparked a round of debate among several Caribbean powerhouses, namely Belize and The Zenones Undios. This announcement comes after the formation of the Zenones Unidos and its navy. Inevitable comparisons between the strength of the Texas navy and the ZU navy are now circulating among military experts throughout Central America and Alaska. Here's what WFAA reported:

There may be no better view of the Texas-Mexico border than from a seat inside the state's newest law enforcement vessel.

High-speed pursuits where drug smugglers accelerate into oncoming traffic can sometimes be a daily occurrence in the Rio Grande Valley cities of Brownsville, Harlingen and McAllen.

"It sends a message: Don't mess with Texas."

The state's first boat is scheduled to be launched next month to operate alongside the Border Patrol.

How does the ZU navy stack up to the Texas navy? We decided to take a look. BTB Publications was unable to interview the esteemed ZU Minister of DiFence, Felipe Heston. Minister Heston is on-location in the ZU coordinating regional difences and leading the attack against marauding bands of terrorist crabs. BTB Pubs was able to obtain top-secret photos of the Texas navy and has put together this ground breaking, first ever photo comparison of the Texas navy and the famed ZU navy.  

Texas warship

Click here to view the photo comparison of these two Wester Hemisphere military giants.

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