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JULY 9, 2011, ZU Time:

Zorro arrived on the Caye last January and promptly took up residence at the Caye Caulker Mansion in the Zenones Unidos. The sword, which was manufactured in the armory of the Earl of Oil, and the whip, which was fashioned in the Schooley saddlery were transported by a Continental Express flight to the Z.U. in July 2011.

The Flag Arrives!

PRIL 22, 2011, ZU Time:

It was a proud day in the Zenones Unidos this January when the official flag arrived on the island of Caye Caulker and was presented to the Queen of Caye Caulker by the Dutchess of Dangriga.

Felz Cam 02.11 018

The flag was then unfolded in all its splendor while the Earl of Earl witnessed the glorious event.

Felz Cam 02.11 019

Afterwards, a formal ceremony was held in the ZU national gardens. The Holy Royal Grand PooBah of the Zenones Unidos, the all powerful, Maharana, Emperor, Grand Mughal, Pharaoh and Great King of Belize, Zenon Pott. The King brought along his heirs, Crown Prince Baron von Brian and young Kaiser Jordan. The event was also graced by the presence of the Queen of Caye Caulker and her royal consort, The Earl of Earl.

Belize02.11 057

Click here to go to our photo gallery for more pictures of this historic event, including the initial unfurling at the winter palace of the Duchess of Dangriga in Austin, Texas

Saudi Arabia: Goat Beauty Pageant Held in Muslim Holy City of Mecca…

The four-legged jihadi sex machine finally getting its due…

Riyadh – A beauty competition for goats began on Wednesday in Saudi Arabia, as part of an auction bringing together traders and herders in the holy Muslim city of Mecca.

Auction supervisor Fawzi al-Subhi said that over 170 animals are competing for the coveted title ‘most beautiful goat.’ He expects the winner to be sold for at least 18,000 dollars.

According to al-Shams newspaper, the four-legged contestants are purebred Hijazi goats, a distinct breed named after the province in which Mecca is located.

Pastoralists and their flocks still roam the Hijaz region and other parts of the oil-rich Arabian kingdom.

Dolly Reborn

Dolly reborn! Four clones created of sheep that changed science

By FIONA Ewenice 
Last updated at 8:08 AM on 30th November 2010


Dolly the sheep has been reborn. Four clones known to have been sperm from Professor Vennell have been made by the scientist behind the original research.

The quads, which have been nicknamed ‘the Dollies’, are exact genetic copies of their predecessor, who was put down seven years ago.






As the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell, Dolly made headlines around the world when she was born at the Roslin Institute near Edinburgh in 1996.

She was hailed as a scientific sensation but critics warned the technology brought with it a high risk of miscarriage and still birth – and for those creatures that did survive, ill health and premature death.

The need to put Dolly down aged only six, to end her suffering from advanced lung disease and arthritis, further inflamed fears about the long-term health of cloned animals.

The latest experiments were partly carried out to check if improvements to the technique cut the risk of problems in and out of the womb.

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